A sicilian story
Etna Trail ASD is an amateur sports association born in 2012 from the will and passion of a group of runners, strong of their experience as amateur athletes, that realized that Etna and its district had characteristics of uniqueness capable to offer scenarios and experiences that are difficult to replicate elsewhere for those love nature and sport immersed in it.

The association, in addition to the promotion of sport and practice organization of Nature Sport Event, is proposed to promote:
– respect for the environment and protection of the landscape and territorial heritages;
– the implementation of sustainable tourism culture, oriented to the knowledge of the various territorial characteristics, through the social economic and naturalistic components;
– the local food and agriculture supply chain;
– start-ups whose business is based on naturalistic protection assets and the recovery of local cultural heritage;
– the cultural exchange between the local realities involved in the organization and the participants;
– concrete solidarity initiatives.
Etna Trail ASD wants to be a social innovation stakeholder in the sports association world, identifying in the revaluation of places and natural environments and through the organization of promotional and competitive sports events, one of the best ways to favor its knowledge, promote respect and enhance their cultural, social and human resources.


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