Dear Athletes,

we have waited to read the latest Government Measures before officially announcing that, as the Supermaratona dell’Etna in June, the Etna Trail X edition races, scheduled for next 25 and 26 July, and Km1 second edition, scheduled for the next 08.08.2020, for this year are canceled.

Unfortunately, in the decisions of the competent authorities we have not found any evidence that between now and August restrictions could be such that we can keep our sporting events in the necessary conditions for optimal performance. As a result, we made the inevitable decision to cancel the two races. To our displeasure. Especially this year, which for the first time saw our events in the list of events of great appeal included in the official calendar of the Sicilian Region.

But health is our priority and the ongoing health emergency does not allow us to take risks that could compromise it with unwanted infections. Further, we do not yet know if and when free movement will be allowed within the national territory since, as we know, most athletes come from abroad or from the rest of Italy.

In the hope that we will be able to return to normality soon, the Etna Trail Board decided the following:

  1. Athletes enrolled in the 2020 event who have already paid the registration fee, keep valid registration for the 2021 or 2022 edition (at their discretion).
  2. Athletes described in paragraph 1 who are unable to participate will be allowed to communicate us their will to transfer their registration fee to another athlete who meets the requirements required by Etna Trail;
  3. The athletes described in paragraph 1 who do not intend to benefit from the maintenance of registration for one of the next two editions and who, at the time of registration, have paid in addition to the prescribed fee the expected cost to guarantee the full refund in case of unforeseen events, will communicate the Iban and will be credited the amount paid for registration.
  4. Athletes described in step 1 will not be affected in any way by any changes in the registration costs;
  5. Special cases not covered in the above points may be subject to the examination of the Association by contacting Rosita at 3491334321.

We hope to all of you and your families that we will all be able to resume a normal life as soon as possible.

We thank you, the volunteers, sponsors who support the event and the municipal administrations involved for the trust shown, and we say goodbye to 2021.

The Board of Directors