Hello everyone,

As organisers of the event Super Maratona dell’Etna da Zero a Tremila, along with the competent authorities, we have been monitoring the situation and the spread of COVID-19 from the very beginning both in Italy and internationally.

In this period we are facing a health emergency without precedent that is bringing our countries to their knees, with, unfortunately, many victims.

Despite the fact that the event is planned for the 13 of June, we are still today unable to guarantee the necessary conditions for the optimal organization of the event.

Moreover, many of registered athletes come from abroad and have to plan a trip without having the necessary guarantees that they can travel, given the dynamic situation that every country is now forced to face.

In the hope that this terrible moment passes quickly for everybody, we communicate with great disappointment that we have been compelled to cancel the Super Maratona dell’Etna for this year.

All registrations made to date remain valid for 2021.

For special needs you can send an email to iscrizioni.etnatrailasd@gmail.com, or call us at +39 3491334321.

We wish you and all your families a quick return to normal life.

We thank the volunteers and sponsors that have supported the event as well as municipal administrations involved for the trust demonstrated and we hope to see you on the 12th June 2021.

Etna Trail a.s.d.

#stayathome #iorestoacasa #andràtuttobene